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Teacup Trial April 2012

Teacup Trail October 2011

Teacup Trial April 2011

Bethel Park Community Day September 2010

Teacup Trial October 2010

Teacup Trial April 2010

Barktoberfest October 2009

Just a Walk in the Park May 2009

Teacup Trial April 2009



Thanks to everyone who participated in our Teacup trial, either competing or volunteering or both.  Congratulations to the KCTC dogs who earned major titles:

And congratulations to Sharon Neumeyer and Gracie, who earned their Beginner Standard and Games I titles in their very first-ever Teacup trial!


Congratulation to the KCTC member and prospective member who passed their tests:  Jodi Tyskiewicz and Sammie - TDI and CGC; and Sharon Neumeyer and Gracie - TDI


Teacup Trial October 2015

Our Fall Teacup agility trial was held October 3 - 4.  According to the TDAA software, the top dogs at each height were:

2":  Penny (Virginia Weida)

4":  Amber (Tom Bandi)

8":  Flurry (Stacy Podplesky)

12":  Becky (DeAnne Orive)



Our fall Teacup Agility trial was held on September 27 - 28, with 165 runs.  According to the TDAA software, the top dogs at each jump height were:

      4" - Amber (Tom Bandi)

      8" - Sadie (Emil Pohodich)

    12" - Edan (Sheri Rockhill)

Congratulations to all who earned new titles!  They include Tiffany - TMAG 9 (Tom Bandi), Glinda - Beginners Standard (Diana Squicciarini), Declan - Beginners Standard (Lynda Kuzbel), Aiden - Games III (Bonnie McKeon), Missy - Beginners Standard (Diane Valley), and Becky - TMAG (DeAnne Orive).



We had a very successful WCRL Rally trial May 10 - 11, with almost 180 runs.  And we also had a very successful Teacup trial May 17 - 18, with almost 170 runs.  Thanks to all who competed and who volunteered to help.  And a special thanks to Phyllis Huber who kindly served as one of our Rally judges. 


According to the TDAA software, the top Teacup dogs at each height were:

     4"  Amber Star (Tom Bandi)

     8"  Penny (Virginia Weida)

    12"  Becky (DeAnne Orive)





Our most recent Teacup trial was held October 6 -7, 2012.  We had a nice judge, nice dogs, nice handlers, and lots of fast runs.  Thanks to all our volunteers!


According to the TDAA software, the top dogs at each score height were:

    4":  Amber (Tom Bandi)

    8":  Tiffany (Tom Bandi)

    12" and Top Dog overall:  Edan (Sheri Rockhill)

    16":  Kasper (Donna Annonio)


Results: Summary
Saturday Sunday
Game Jumpers Game Power N Speed
Game Weakest Link Game What's My Line
Standard 1 Standard 4
Standard 2 Standard 5
Standard 3 Standard 6








Our Teacup Agility trial was held April 28 & 29.  We had 193 runs, a new record!  Top dog in the trial was Lexi, handled by Barb Pohodich.  Congratulations Lexi and Barb!  See below for links to the results.


According the the TDAA software, the top 3 dogs at each jump score height were:


4": Amber (Tom Bandi)

     Daisy (Heidi Savko)

8": Lexi (BarbaraPohodich)

     Tiffany (Tom Bandi)

     Diesel (Janine Smith)

12": Gidget (Mary Bartosh)

       Lokshn (Carole Hodes)

       Chanel (Stephanie Niemiec)

16":  Leland (Jill Birkenbine) (only 16" dog)

Saturday Sunday
Weakest Link Power & Speed
Standard 1 Standard 4
Standard 2 Standard 5
Tunnel Snookers Dealer's Choice
Standard 3 Standard 6






Our October 8 - 9 Teacup trial had a record number of dogs and handlers.  Thanks to all who competed and volunteered to help. 


According to the TDAA software, the top dogs at each height were:
1 - Amber (Tom Bandi)
2 - Daisy (Heidi Savko)
3 - (none)
1 - Lexi (Emil Pohodich)
2 - Tiffany (Tom Bandi)
3 - Stella (Charlene Zeleznock)
1 - Shelby (Lynda Kuzbel)
2 - Skye (Joanne Schreiber)
3 - Molly (Pete Grandillo Sr.)
1 - Leland (Jill Birkinbine)
2 - Devan (Darla Dannonio)
3 - Kasper (Darla Annonio)
Our next trial will be April 28 - 29, 2012. We will try to keep the same biannual schedule (last weekend in April and 2nd weekend in October) for future trials, to assist you in your planning.


Saturday Sunday
Standard 1 Standard 4
Standard 2 Standard 5
Standard 3 Standard 6
Super Dog Rabbit Express
Lucky 13 Minuet


We would like to thank Jonie Birkinbine for coming to Pittsburgh all the way from Columbus, OH, to be our trial photographer.  If you wish to contact her, the email address is poodlemomphotos@gmail.com.


Picture by Poodle Mom Photos




Saturday Sunday
Lucky 13 Standard Superior 4
Standard Beginner 1 Standard Intermediate 4
Standard Beginner 2 Standard Beginner 5
Standard Intermediate Standard Beginner 4
Standard Intermediate 2 and Sheltie Portrait Standard Superior 5
Standard Superior 1 Rabbit Express
Standard Superior 2 Titles and Puppies
Standard Superior 3 KCTC Club Members
Standard Beginner 3 and Intermediate 3 Minuet
Super Dog  



Our April 2011 Teacup Agility trial was our biggest yet - 158 runs with 24 dogs! 


Everyone seemed to enjoyed it (dogs and handlers).  We had lots of good food and raffle baskets, and a very nice judge.  The results are posted below.


The highlight of the trial was Tom Bandi and Tiffany earning their Teacup Agile Dog Champion (TACh) title, the highest title in Teacup.  To earn their TACh, they had to earn 10 qualifying scores in both Standard and Games courses after earning their Standard Superior and Games III titles. Tom and Tiffany are the first KCTC team to earn a TACh.  Tiffany is not only an accomplished agility dog, she is also a certified Therapy Dog and is an active member of the KCTC K-9ers.  Pictured above are Tom, wife and ardent supporter Phyllis, Tiffany, and Judge Debbie Nosse.  Picture by Rosanne Minich.




TDAA Results
Saturday Sunday

Standard 1

Standard 4 

Standard 2

Standard 5

Standard 3

Standard 6


Boston Bowling


Dare to Double




A big thanks goes out to all those those who manned the Keystone Canine booth at the Bethel Park Community Center on September 11th, 2010.  The K-9ers also performed a Doo Wop routine for this event on the Community Day stage. Some of the volunteers include those pictured at right, Patti Degnan, Edward Moore, Caroline Chapman, Amy Sandhagen, and Phil Chapman. Othere volunteers not in the photo include Dee Farrell, Kelly Choate,  Pauline Kitchen, Pattie Ennis, and Carol Kauffman (Posted 9-15-2010)  





Our 4th Teacup trial was a great success.  We received a lot of positive comments about our new building, and how smoothly everything went.  It was particularly nice to have a separate area for crating.

According to the TDAA software, the top dogs in the trial were:




Connect the Dots

Wild West Pinball

Standard 1

Standard 3

Standard 2

Standard 4


Truth or Dare

4" - Schilling (Joan Kimmel), also best overall dog in the trial

8" - Pixie (Dee Farrell)

12" - Molly (Pete Grandillo Sr.)

Congratulations to all the dogs who won ribbons.  And thank you to all the workers who helped make the trial such a success!  Our next trial is confirmed for April 30 - May 1, 2011 (the week after Easter).

Hope to see you there! Dan  Goldberg, Pam Lewis and Amy Wustin

A big thanks goes to Wendy Loreti for the great photos!

If people want to contact Wendy for the photos, please email her at WendyLoreti@aol.com 


Also, you may view Todd's photos by clicking here or email by email


A Picture of All the Competitors.






TEACUP TRIAL APRIL 24 - 25, 2010


Our April 2010 Teacup Trial was a big success.  We had 27 dogs doing a total of 128 runs over both days.  It was the first trial to use our beautiful new Teacup equipment.  We also had delicious food and lots of raffle baskets.  And luckily the rain held off for most of the weekend.  Thanks to all our volunteers! 


KCTC dogs who qualified (some more than once) include Molly (Pete Grandillo Sr.), Heidi (Sue Wray), Amber (Tom Bandi), Sadie (Lori Miller), Sadie (Emil Pohodich), Pixie (Dee Farrell), Tiffany (Tom Bandi), and Fox (Toni Yurkovic).


The top dogs at each jump height (according to TDAA) were:


4 inch:  Amber, handled by Tom Bandi

8 inch:  Sadie, handled by Lori Miller

12 inch:  Gidget, handled by Mary Bartosh

16 inch:  Sven, handled by Ken Hudak


Click results here for the complete results. 


A big thanks goes to Wendy Loreti for the great photos!

If people want to contact Wendy for the photos, please email her at WendyLoreti@aol.com









Barktoberfest October 4, 2009


On Sunday October 4th, Keystone helped with Barktoberfest on behalf of Angel Ridge Animal Rescue at the South Park fairground field near the Museum Bldg.  Thanks to all who helped.






Just a Walk in the Park


Keystone Canine Training Club was out and about again.  We were invited to set up a table at the Paws for Life Walk and Exhibition at the main track at South Park on Saturday May 6, 2009.  We met a lot of very nice “dog people” and everyone had a good time.  We would like to also express our thanks to the members of KCTC who helped to set up and maintain the table.  Many Thanks.


The Keystone K9er’s were asked to perform one of their themed demos.   They decided on the Doo Wop Theme, and it was well received by all those that were there.  Susie Roberts from the Bethel Park TV show “LETS TALK TAILWAGGERS,” was there and she interviewed the K9er’s and asked if she can tape another of our demos for her show. 


All in all, it was another happy day in the life of KCTC Members. 






(Final Posting 4-5-2009)

Our first-ever Teacup agility trial was held March 20 – 22, and was a big success.  Over 25 handlers participated, and there were almost 120 runs throughout the weekend.  We started on Friday night with a seminar by our Judge, Donni Breadon, who educated us on the Teacup rules and types of courses.  We then had two runs.

On Saturday and Sunday, we had four runs each day, consisting of both Standard courses and Games.  Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun, and many competitors asked us when we would be doing this again!  The event was featured in an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette South edition, along with a photo.  Some pictures from the trial are included below, courtesy of Joanne Kerfonta.  A number of KCTC handlers and dogs participated and most did very well, earning placement ribbons, qualification ribbons, and (in some cases) new titles!


Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help clean and tidy-up the club, move the mats, direct the parking, arrange for food, raffles, and the porta-potty, help with registration and scoring, help in the ring as scribes, stewards and leash-runners, etc.  They are too numerous to mention by name!  We tentatively plan to have another Teacup trial at KCTC this fall.


Post-Gazette Article


Photos from the Trial