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Here is what some of our students are saying about our classes:  

"Keystone Canine Training Club is by far the best training center I have experienced.  The instructors are very knowledgeable, patient and willing to help with individual issues.  The classes are interesting and hold the attention of both the dogs and the owners. The training they provided for the Therapy Dog International test was right on target. My blind dog passed on his first try at the test."

"I just wanted to thank you both for the training [my dog] and I received.  I took her for a walk today around our neighborhood for the first time in months because of the bad weather. I had stopped walking her because she pulled and would bark at other dogs and chase anything.   I filled my pocket with treats and started our walk. She didn’t pull at all, stayed at my side.  I was hardly had to hold the leash.   We saw a few dogs but she stayed at my side for the most part.  There was one that barked at her and she got a little excited so I told her no and leave it and she did.  We saw squirrels and she perked up I told her to leave it and she kept walking.  I couldn’t believe the difference.  Like I said we have not done this walk for months but she knew where to turn and how I usually go.  We got home with most of the treats still in my pocket and I had her sit while I opened the garage door and gave her treat and told her how good she was.  She sat until the door was up which she used to not do, and we came in the garage she sat while I took her leash off and put the door down and then I opened the basement door and she waited for me to say come in. I can’t thank you enough.  She is such a good girl and I knew she (or we) could do it she just needed to learn a few things and me too."

"This was the first class I took at Keystone. I have been in other obedience classes, but I must say that the way you do the classes are never…. Ever…. Boring and Routine so it keeps my interest as well as [my dog's].  I will be signing up for the next session of classes… just wish it  was sooner because [my dog] and I are going to miss them.


“I have taken two classes, Basic Puppy Obedience and Puppy Agility, and all the instructors have been very knowledgeable and helpful. My unruly puppy that I had utterly failed to train on my own at home despite having trained dogs previously now obeys and has improved enormously with their guidance to a level better than I ever expected. The price is the same if not cheaper than training offered at major chain pet stores, and far better quality.”  



"My daughter and her dog have completed Family Manners I and II, and are currently enrolled in the Tricks class.  There was a Tricks competition at the Southside Dog Festival yesterday and they won first place!  These classes have been wonderful for my daughter, and they are really helping her to become more confident in other areas of her life.  You do a wonderful job at your facility!"



“The class was well organized, and the instructors gave good attention to each dog.  My dog and I learned a lot and we look forward to attending the next class.”  



“The instructors are wonderful.  The class was fun for me and my dog.”  



“We loved our class and we both learned so much.  I am very happy with the instructors and their method of teaching.”  



“Everything was helpful and informative.  I am learning how to properly handle my dog.”  



“Great program and great class – fun and enjoyable.  The instructor was clear and took enough time with each student.”